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Esler, Alan

Wild Plants in Auckland. 2004. illustr. 224 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.

Tells the story of 322 species that grow wild in New Zealand's largestcity. The first part of the book demonstrates the place of wild plantsin the urban vegetation, showing in detail how today's landscapeevolved. The second explores some of the ways in which these plantsimpinge on our lives, in building and farming, in parkland and forest walks, and in science. The last section tells how they are structuredfor their various roles in the plant communities.
AutorUndHerausgeberManuell Esler, Alan
ArtikelTypManuell Titel
AutorenManuell Esler, Alan
SeitenAbbManuell Esler, Alan: Wild Plants in Auckland. 2004. illustr. 224 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.(94416) 46.01
VerlagManuell Auckland University Press University of Auckland
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