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Book ID:  047028
Adams, Robert P. and Janice E. Adams (eds.)

Conservation of Plant Genes. DNA Banking and in vitro Biotechnology. 1992. figs. tabs. XII, 345 p. gr8vo. Hard cover.
Contents (partly): Efforts to Conserve Tropical Plants - A Global Perspective, Vernon H.Heywood/ The Gene Library - Preservation and Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Australasia, John S.Mattick, Effie M. Ablett, and Daryl L.Edmonson/ Floristic Diversity, Botanical Exploration and the Establishment of a Germplasm Bank for Conservation in the Neotropic: The Colombian View, L.Atehortua/ The Economic Impact of Novel Genes in Plant Biotechnology: Not without Strong Intellectual Property Rights, Steven C.Price/ Germplasm Conservation and Economic Development, Luiz Antonio Barreto de Castro/ Feasibility of Obtaining Comparative Gene Sequence Data from Preserved and Fossil Materials, David E.Giannasi/ Prospects of Accessing DNA Banks for the Isolation of Genes Encoding Biologically Active Proteins, Richard A.Dixon and Nancy L.Paiva/ The Discovery of Medicines and Forest Conservation, James S. Miller and Stephen J.Brewer/ Preservation of DNA in Plant Specimens from Tropicl Species by Desiccation, Robert P.Adams, Nhan Do, and Chu Ge-lin/ Some Possible Applications of Molecular Genetics in the Conservation of Wild Species for Crop Improvement, T.Hodgkin and D.G. Debouck/ Freeze-Preservation of Embryogenic Musa Suspension Cultures, B.Panis, D.Dhed'a and R.Swennen/ Cryoconservation of Musa spp. and Its Potential for Long-Term Storage of Other Tropical Crops, Victor M. Villalobos and Ana Abdelnour/ etc.
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